Effective March 28, 2023


Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") describes how Turbine VPN handles information we collect about you in our mobile applications (the "Applications") and similar channels, as well as in relation to our VPN services. We distinguish in this policy our information handling practices for applications and services.


When you use a VPN connection, we do not store any information that identifies your browsing, viewing, or online operations through that VPN connection. We only record what is absolutely necessary to provide you with an outstanding VPN service.


By visiting our website or using the Services, you agree to the terms of this Policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not visit or use our services.


1. The information we collect and how we use it

Turbine VPN collects the following types of information:


1.1. Account information

Our VPN service will not collect your personal account information. As a login-free VPN application, we will not collect your personal account, password and other information during your use. Except in special circumstances, we only collect your email when you give us feedback, so that we can contact you and help you solve the problems you encounter in using our VPN products.


1.2. Service Usage information

Turbine VPN collects the following limited information as you use it about how you use the service:


1.2.1. Application of summary statistics

We collect information about the application and version of the application that the user activated. If you support and provide this information to us, we will also collect information related to the application and version of the application that you have activated.


1.2.2. VPN Connection Summary Statistics

We collect information about whether you have successfully established a VPN connection, to which VPN location, and from which country. This minimal information helps us provide technical support, such as identifying connection problems, providing country-specific/region-specific advice on how best to use our services, and enabling Turbine VPN engineers to identify and fix network problems.


1.2.3. Anonymous application Diagnosis

Application diagnostic data, including crash reports, availability diagnostics, and VPN connection diagnostics, is anonymous and cannot be contacted by you.


We use these data points in our network operations tools to help optimize network speed and identify issues and areas for improvement related to a particular application, VPN server or ISP. We collect the following anonymous information:


Information about whether the connection attempt was successful and, if not, why the connection failed.

If you are not satisfied with the service, we may ask you to rate your connection and provide some more detailed information. This information is not relevant to a particular user.


1.3 Information from email and user feedback

Turbine VPN logs any questions, complaints, or compliments you send us through our app's user feedback feature. Depending on how you contact us, we may collect your email address and any other information you provide to us. We use this information to provide you with customer service and service improvement.


1.4 Information automatically collected when you browse our applications

When you browse our apps as a visitor, we automatically collect certain information about your device and activities on our apps. The following information is related only to the general information we collect from visitors to the application and is separate from the information we collect about the service.


2. How do we share your information

Turbine VPN does not store information about your browsing activity when you use the service. We will not share your personal information with third parties, unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy:


Legitimate data request. We carefully review each of your data requests to ensure compliance with applicable law. Turbine VPN protects your information by not keeping a log of your online activity on our application. This means that we cannot link individual App users to specific IP addresses, connection timestamps, or other information that we have not collected. Therefore, even if we receive the appropriate request, we may not be able to identify you or provide any identifying information related to you. If we are able to identify you, we will provide the limited data we process.

3. Security measures to protect your information

Turbine VPN uses physical, procedural, and technical security controls to help prevent any accidental disclosure of your information. Access to your account information and service information is limited to our employees who require such access to perform their job functions. Despite our strong control, no data security measure can guarantee 100% protection.


4. Law, data and rights processing

4.1. Legal basis for treatment

Turbine VPN is committed to protecting user privacy worldwide, minimizing data collection and ensuring that users have control over their personal information. The European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires us to outline these practices in a specific way for users of the European Economic Area (" EEA ").


We collect and process the data outlined in this Policy under one of the following legal grounds:


To fulfill our contractual obligations to our users, including:

Provide users with the services and applications they request.

For legitimate interests related to our business operations, including:

Improve the quality, reliability and effectiveness of our websites, services and applications.

Communicate with customers to provide information and seek feedback related to our services and applications.

4.2. International data transmission

Turbine VPN may transmit your personal data to countries other than the one where you live. We do this to facilitate our operations and laws in other countries/territories may differ from those that apply to your place of residence. We have safeguards in place to help ensure your data is adequately protected.


4.3. Your Rights

The GDPR gives users living in the EU the right to access, correct, delete or object to the processing of your personal information. If you are a resident of any EU Member State, you can exercise these rights by contacting our Data Protection Officer (DPO).


5. Data retention

When you connect to the service, Turbine VPN does not retain data about your browsing activity. For the rest of the information described in this Privacy policy, Turbine VPN will typically retain that information for as long as it takes to collect it.


6. Children's information

The Website, Apps and Services are not intended for and may not be used by minors (i.e. under 18 years of age or as defined by law) without the appropriate consent or authorization of their parents or legal guardians. Turbine VPN does not intentionally collect personal information from minors or allow them to use the service.


7 Update

Turbine VPN may update this policy from time to time, and we will post updates on this page and update the "last updated" date above.


8. Contact us

Contact email: brothbeef@163.com.